Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Central Line Placement

Today Seth was scheduled for the placement of his central line, spinal tap, and bone marrow sample.  We arrived early once again and began the check in process.  The doctors from anesthesia and the doctor who would be placing the central line came out to talk to us and answer any questions we had.  Seth was taken back and he went away happily.  After about an hour the doctor who placed the central line came out to tell us Seth did great and they had no problems placing the central line and oncology was just starting the spinal tap and bone marrow procedure so it would be a little longer.  A little later the liaison nurse came to get us and bring us back to recovery to see Seth.  He woke up easily again but was a little more irritated this time around.  He had a bottle and while we were waiting to be discharged they realized that home care for Seth’s central line had not been set up.  We didn’t have the necessary supplies or training to care for the central line so Seth and I got to have our first overnight at Children’s.  I was nervous about this because Seth sleeps in his swing every night and I knew it was going to be a rough night without it.  He did fairly well doing a few 2 hours stretches in the crib after I climbed in and cuddled with him until he fell asleep.  When the nurses told me many parents do it I was like there’s no way, but when you’re sleep deprived and your child is upset you hoist yourself up there and snuggle!!!  The overnight nurse came in around 2am and said just let me know if you want us to take him for a little while so you can get some rest.  Having been up since 4am I gladly accepted.  All the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff we’ve met have loved Seth and he flirts with all the ladies.

The next morning the home nurse care was set up, supplies were being sent to the house, I had a lesson on flushing his line and got to practice before leaving the hospital.  The oncology doctors from the Jimmy Clinic stopped by to see how we were doing and said he looks great.  They mentioned someone would be reaching out to set up testing for his kidneys, heart and hearing which needed to be completed before chemo could start. 
I managed to get us home safely on my first time driving home alone from Children’s even with a disgruntled driver upsetting me on the way home!  The supplies for his central line arrived home shortly after us and the nurse came to show us all how to flush the line and keep everything sterile.  She would be back weekly to change the dressing and clean the area.

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