Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend

Seth ended up in the hospital Thursday night for low magnesium.  He had an overnight stay and was given magnesium, platelets, and blood in order to try and get him through the weekend and to our next scheduled clinic visit on Tuesday.
Thanks to a beautiful weekend weather wise we enjoyed the being outside and had lots of family time.

Sunday was Easter and leading up to it we weren't sure if Seth would be home to celebrate with us.  Fortunately he was!!  Although he wasn't feeling fabulous and was a little cranky it was really nice to have him home to do baskets and the egg hunt with Sadie.  Even if she did find all the eggs!!

We weren't sure if Seth was irritable from having low platelets, blood, magnesium or any other slew of things that could just make him feel yucky.  We put a call into the doctors and scheduled the visiting nurse to come out and draw labs to see if we needed to head into Boston.  We were trying to avoid going in on Marathon Monday.  The visiting nurse was heading out around 2pm so Sadie and I headed to my parents to have Easter dinner and the boys hung out at home.  It was disappointing they couldn't come along but we were happy to have Easter morning together and we brought left overs home.
On the drive home from my parents I got the call that Seth's platelets were 11 and he would need to head into the clinic Monday for a transfusion. Just what we were trying to avoid.  At any rate we will be heading in bright and early tomorrow to try to avoid traffic and all the closed roads.

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