Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Family Time and a Red Sox Game

Friday morning Seth has is PIC line removed and a port a cath placed.  We are excited for this because he will be able to bathe and swim and we won't have to be flushing it twice daily at home.  He was pretty tired afterwards, so much so that he slept in the crib!
After a long hospital stay we got discharged on Saturday. 

We headed home to have lunch and open Seth's birthday presents since we had to leave his party early last weekend.  Sadie was eager to help open the gifts. 

After opening all the gifts and putting Seth's bike together we all went for a ride outside.  Seth seemed to like his bike and Sadie was so excited for brother to have a bike too.
Someone had offered us tickets to the Red Sox game on Sunday so we decided to make it a family day and take the kids into Fenway for their first game.
We got there right after the game started and headed to our seats.  Sadie was excited walking through the stadium and they both sat for longer than I thought watching the game.  Seth was taking in the sights and Sadie was taking in the snacks!

Once they were getting a little restless and Sadie informed us it was too loud we walked around some more and over to the souvenir shop where Sadie picked out a pink and of course purple hat and Seth got a new onesie.
It was a good day in town that let us forget about everything else we have going on and the decisions we have to make.  Lot of appointments coming up this week to make a plan of action.  For now we're just trying to live in the moment and enjoy having everyone together.

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