Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More Family Time

We never managed to get the scheduling just right for Seth to be admitted this week.  I checked in numerous times with both neurosurgery and the clinic to see what the plan was but it never seemed to fall into place with an opening for Seth to have his ommaya placed.  After a talk with Dr. Eng there was a tentative admission date of Thursday, but nothing firm yet.  The clinic called on Thursday around 11am asking if we could be there at 12:15pm, that just wasn’t possible both Steve and I were at work and I hadn’t packed up anything.  Had they called Wednesday we could have been ready to go.  Then they mentioned starting on Friday but I brought up how Dr. Wright said the stem cell collection window may have been missed from starting on a Friday last time and a Monday start day may provide a more successful collection.  I really didn’t want to start on Friday so the plan was made to come to clinic Monday at 7:45am which meant we had another weekend together as a family. 
Friday while my mom was watching the kids Seth decided he had enough of his feeding tube and took it out!  We all didn't want it to happen on our watch but were relieved we could now have some time without it!  Seth was eating and drinking his bottles well so we didn't have to worry about having another one placed right away.  He's seems very happy and proud of himself!!
Saturday Seth turned 8 months old so of course we had to have our monthly photo shoot.  Sadie of course wanted to be a helper.  So cute together but trying to get Seth to cooperate these days is getting harder and harder never mind having my little 3 year old helper.  But I got some good shots.

Here are some pictures from the Sunday together and with some visitors we had.  Chloe may have wanted to take Seth home with them.

It was so nice having some time home as a family but we are looking forward to getting Seth started with his treatment again so we can be that much closer to him being healthy.

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