Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekend Home

Seth came home on Wednesday.  We were really happy to have him home although he was very cranky and really just wanted to be held mostly while standing which meant a back breaking weekend for both Steve and I.

Enjoying some jumping

Sadie had a her dress fitting for Uncle Jason's wedding which required bribery with a donut in order for her to take the dress off!  She also wanted to take Seth's high chair for a while and play.

Breakfast with the little lady after she had her best dance class yet.  And she tried bacon and liked it!!

Playing in the ball pit which has had the longest life of any ball pit of it's kind known to man.

Sunday we went to the mall early to see the caring Easter Bunny with the kids.  Sadie hesitantly gave him high fives and hugs this year but still didn't want to sit with him alone or Seth so a family picture it was.  As you can see Seth wasn't a big fan of him as well.

After pictures we did some coloring, said hello to some puppies, and then the little man decided to pull out his feeding tube!!  Fortunately, when we got home Seth took a bottle.  Since we were going back in Monday morning for the ommaya and G tube placement we were comfortable foregoing a few of his meds that taste awful and he won't take by mouth.  It's always such a relief when the tube is out and it was obvious Seth felt the same way because he was a little less cranky and we were able to put him down and play a little bit more.
Sunday night Steve and I got out for the night with Jenn and Bob to a comedy show in Boston thanks to my parents for watching the kids.  It was nice to get out for a little bit and laugh a lot even though the seats were VERY TIGHT quarters!  Thanks for a fun night!

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