Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 4

After a lot of waiting around yesterday Seth's chemo finally started around 9pm.  The regimen this week is similar to the first week of the previous round with one chemotherapy being swapped out for another.  Steve stayed with Seth in the hospital this week so I could be with Sadie and also go to work.  It’s always hard being on either side, the hospital or home, because you’re always missing someone and both places are exhausting in their own ways.  Overall Seth was a trooper throughout the week Dr. Wright even mentioned him going home later in the week in our initial meeting on Monday which I never expected.  One plus was that Seth got his first intrathecal chemotherapy via lumbar puncture (due to all the scheduling mix ups, snafus, whatever you want to call it) on Thursday.  Seems crazy to say that is a positive but getting Seth through these treatments means he’s further into the process and hopefully onto the road to recovery.  Thursday we found out that Seth would be coming home on Friday.  Now the discharge process is always a lengthy one so I worked from home in morning and then packed Sadie up to head in to get Seth.  She is always so excited when she gets to see him after being separated for a long time. 
Friday morning Seth had taken his feeding tube out again.  When Sadie and I arrived they were just about to put in a new tube so we met Steve and took a fieldtrip to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions.  We strangely enough ran into Sadie’s eye surgeon who we had just seen the day before for a follow up.
I had told him about Seth and was happy to hear that he also works with cancer patients and offered to come evaluate Seth whenever we needed him to.  He has been great with Sadie and if the time come and Seth needs the tumor behind his eye or his eye examined I’m relieved to know Dr. Shah can do it.  After a short discussion we headed to the cafeteria to get tater tots but of course we hit it right when they were in between meals.  So off to Aubon Pain for cookies it was.  We had some time to play in the room before getting discharged in the late afternoon.

We unpacked and just enjoyed a weekend of being all together again.


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