Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

G Tube Irritation

Wednesday afternoon Steve noticed that Seth's G tube site really didn't look good.  He put a call into the doctors to see if we needed to bring Seth in to be seen and start antibiotics.  After sending pictures he was told to mark the outer edge of the red area and if it spread past that in the morning to bring him in. 
Thursday morning it didn't extend past the pen mark but it didn't look right with a lot of leakage and puss so he sent more pictures to the doctor and we were told to bring him into clinic.  I left work to pick up the boys and we headed in.  After having labs drawn we found out his ANC was 280, platelets were 15 and his hemoglobin was 7.8.  He would need to transfused for both blood and platelets.  We spoke with the doctor and made a plan to just be admitted that day since he was probably on a downward slope and better to be in the hospital. 
Family nap time while waiting for his room.
Seth must have known because he spiked a fever while we were waiting for his room to be ready over at Children's.  Fortunately, we had made the plan to stay.  So thankful because I would have hated to get home only to turn right back around with a fever and being neutropenic. Due to the fever he was also given antibiotics and cultures were drawn to check for infection. 

We headed over to our room at Children's about 5:30.  We got settled in and had some dinner before I headed home.
Friday morning Seth's ANC was 150 so we were still trending down.  They decided they wanted to do an X-ray of Seth's stomach to make sure everything was ok with the G tube.  Fortunately, that came back clear.  Seth has been having trouble holding down his feeds while home and it had gotten a little worse after being admitted so he was put on continuous feeds which is a little easier for him to handle.
Saturday ANC was 30 and Sunday 10 with low platelets so he received a platelet transfusion.  Sunday was Mother's Day so Sadie and I went out for breakfast with my mom before heading in to visit with the boys and so Steve and I could trade places.  Even though most of the day was spent in the hospital seeing these two so happy together makes it that much sweeter.


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