Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 12

Seth was starting to look a little better even though his ANC was low at 10.  His platelets were at 51 which is good and means they are hopefully started to trend up!  His magnesium which we've been watching closely was at 1.4 so he was given a bolas of magnesium to help give him a boost.  He's been doing well holding down the continuous feed that we decided to start him on bolas feeds again in the late morning.  We had a scheduled well appointment with the GI team today that unfortunately got rescheduled.  I was hoping since this is the second time his site had become irritated we would get to see them and follow up but sadly we couldn't.
We did a lot of just hanging around on Monday however he did get his Vincristine as well as his Intrathecal chemo through his ommaya that he did amazing at.  Dr. Wright said he didn't even move this time so it went so quickly.  Unfortunately, he did get sick not too long after starting his third bolas feed of the day so we gave him a break and put him back on continuous for overnight.

With his numbing cream before and then his Band-Aid after his intrathecal chemo.
Tuesday morning his platelets were 47 and his ANC was 20.  After talking with the doctors as well we started bolas feeds again.  The vomiting yesterday could have been from just having the intrathecal not too long before he was hooked up to his feed.  He's looking a lot better but we're still going to keep him at the hospital and hope those counts come up a little more and keep his antibiotics going to help his G tube site heal.  He did get to have some physical therapy today which seemed to tucker him out!  We're trying to get him to use his legs a little more and also get back to rolling but he really avoids being on his belly as much as possible.  We can't really blame him with all of his accessories as well as the G tube site being irritated a lot of the time.
Unfortunately, I had an evening work commitment so I had to head into the office Tuesday night and Steve came to stay with Seth.  There was talk of him potentially coming home Wednesday so I hated to leave with possibly only one more stay but it worked out because Seth didn't come home until Thursday. 
The plan is to have his numbers checked on Saturday and see where he is and come to clinic on Monday for another lab check and possible admission to start week 13 if his numbers are good.
We can't forget our favorite girl who was so lucky to go to Gramma's beach house during the beautiful weather and play at the beach.  I was really jealous when my mom sent me this picture but so happy that Sadie gets to enjoy some fun in the sun!

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