Our Smiley Seth

Our Smiley Seth

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 10

After having a week home with Seth we headed back into the clinic Monday morning.  The last few nights home were really hard.  He was up multiple times during the night and we had a really hard time getting him to settle down.  We were kind of glad to be heading into clinic today to figure out if maybe he needed blood and that is why he was so fussy.  I never heard from clinic about what time our appointment was so we headed in around 8:30 and would just hang around if needed.  I called on the ride in and we were scheduled for a 10:15 arrival time so it's a good thing we were already on our way.
We checked in and Seth was taken back for vitals.  Eliza our usual nurse said she could probably take us early because she didn't have anyone before our scheduled time with her.  I asked if we would need to do blood again today since he just had it yesterday with the visiting nurse and it was faxed over.  She went looking for it and unfortunately it didn't have the extended testing for magnesium and phosphorus that we need so he had it done again along with his caps being changed. 
How we keep Seth occupied in the waiting room.

We then met with Dr. Eng and Dr. Chi and talked about how Seth was feeling and told them how he was really cranky and had a few really tough nights.  All of his numbers looked good and his platelets were 172 so we were able to start his week 10 course.  We headed back out to the waiting room because an infusion room wasn't ready for us yet.

 About 3pm we were brought back to a room where he was started on IV fluids.  Later he would start the Vincristine and then the Cisplatin was hung right before our nurse from 9NW came over to get us.  We got Steve and Seth settled into his room and hoped for a pretty low key admission.  This round of chemo is similar to week 7 and Seth handled it pretty well so we're hoping for the same.

Steve met Kate the NP on 9NW Tuesday and told her about how fussy Seth was.  We accidentally had left one of Seth's anti nausea meds out of the fridge and couldn't use it anymore.  We had switched him to another one to cover for it but unfortunately coming off the other one so quickly could have been what caused him to be so cranky the last few nights.  We won't make that mistake again and at least now we know there wasn't something else wrong.
Seth went in for intrathecal chemotherapy on Wednesday and did great despite being very delayed in the scheduling. 
Thursday Seth finished up his chemo in the wee hours of the morning and also got some IV magnesium to help get him through the weekend.  I headed in to pick them up around noon time.  Traffic was terrible but it made it a little easier for pick up since I could just get them at the door rather than paying for parking.  We were home for the weekend and will head back in on Monday for his short Vincristine treatment.
We enjoyed the weekend at home as a family.

Out for a walk with Sadie and her snuggie tail the night before the boys came home. 

Seth turned 10 months over the weekend 😁


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